Silver Service

Elite and elegant High Protocol Soirees

The food has been prepared, the dinner table is set, the VIP guests have arrived, aperitifs have been offered. Silver service is the expected standard.

Does the mere thought of providing a high level of service as a butler, maid, waiter, Maître d’, chef, chair or foot stool send tingles down your spine and make your head spin ever so slightly? Could you deliver first class service to a group of stunningly beautiful, deliciously cruel, classy ladies who demand nothing but the absolute best and won’t accept anything less?

Our Silver Service party will suit service-oriented submissives and anyone curious to witness a group of Dominant Ladies socialising and enjoying themselves over a nice meal. After dessert, the Dominatrices give their assessment on the food, service and attendants, then dish out punishments and rewards as appropriate.

Anyone for a second helping?

Fulfil your fantasies

Enjoy of hours of femdom fun at our feet.
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