Domina Parties Australia fills the void between public BDSM parties and professional sessions.

Our intimate events feature high quality BDSM play and kinky exploration in a private environment. Each party is hosted by a team of professional and lifestyle Dominas. We work together to create a unique environment so that you can explore your fantasies safely. 
Have you been considering a one-to-one session with a Mistress? Our events give you the chance to experience and observe the different styles of several Dominas as they play with you and your fellow party attendees.
Have you been exploring for a while? Domina Parties provides you an opportunity to experience something new. Here you can witness the pleasures and fantasies of others, lighting up your own imagination all the while indulging in your favourite play. In addition, you get to enjoy the benefit of multiple Mistresses and delight in their wicked whims.
Not sure if participating in this environment is right for you? We provide the opportunity to attend events as a service submissive, fetching refreshments and assisting with cleaning; or as a voyeur, witnessing the goings-on without engaging in play.
We warmly welcome couples and solo explorers of all identities and orientations to our events.
We love helping you to expand your experience, providing you with tips and tricks, and holding space for you to explore fantasies or fetishes that might be otherwise hard to access.

Indulge your inner kink, guided by the imaginations and skills of our hosts as we introduce you to all the possibilities and pleasures at Domina Parties.