The ultimate in Foot Fetish

Trampling, Toe-sucking, Sweaty Soles to Worship…

You’ve been actually, literally begging for it, and here it is. Fall to your knees for Adoration.

Join Our Dominas in raptures of joy and paroxysms of delight at the perfection of their delicate peds.

Soft bare skin, pretty painted toes, high curved arches, long legs, silken stockings, fantasy fishnets, old school seams, high heels, peep toes, platforms, ballet flats, leather boots, patent, strappy sandals, or sweaty sneakers…

Does the mere thought of these things make you feel weak at the knees?

A room full of Dominas with beautiful feet and shoes, each of them waiting to have their feet lovingly worshipped.
A foot fetishist’s dream come true!

  • Kiss Goddess’s luscious Louboutins from toe to heel.
  • Lick Mistress’s soft leather thigh boot from bottom to top.
  • Suck the heel in deep until you can feel yourself almost choke.
  • Clean Our sweaty crinkled soles with your tongue.
  • Caress these powerful feet, strengthened by time spent in stilettos, and feel them flex and relax as your massage releases all of the tension.

Play can take the form of worship, shoe and bare foot trampling, face standing and anything else related to the worship of beautiful boots, shoes, feet and legs.

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Testimonial: Obey! 29 February 2020

Testimonial: Obey! 29 February 2020

No matter how many times I’ve been to play parties with the fabulous Dominas of Domina Parties, I always get that “bad guy” feeling as play time approaches. That feeling just before you...