No matter how many times I’ve been to play parties with the fabulous Dominas of Domina Parties, I always get that “bad guy” feeling as play time approaches. That feeling just before you consciously decide to do something bad and selfish. Nothing wholesome or nice was happening at this tea party, no way, no chance.
I deeply enjoyed the feeling of power transference as the Dominas got the slaves to undress, lined up in front of them. It’s not just taking off your clothes, I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t had to suffer the humiliation and embarrassment (all in good fun mind you) that a simple innocuous command from the Dominas brings forth. Next was getting “name tagged” so the Dominas could refer to you by name to keep things flowing. This is done in a manner to reinforce their dominance over you but in such a playful way. Now we were ready to be used.
During the play scenes, I had a very good vantage point that allowed me to view all of the action whilst being the anchor point of a two slave predicament bondage. I am discovering that I am quite the masochistic glutton and I was in a feeding frenzy here. I watched as the Dominas genuinely enjoyed themselves, indulging their sadistic tastes, mixed in with a touch of humiliation, getting slaves to answer questions and then, as they answered, intensifying the pain so as to bring forth a half scream half grunt to their giggling delight. I was being indirectly affected as the predicament required the other slave to maintain good posture as the Dominas did their best ( or worst…) to get him to move, which would intensify the pain I was enjoying. He was not the best at maintaining good posture much to my peril and delight.
If you want to know why or how cheese cake (yes, cheese cake) ended up in my ear, why one slave was balancing a wide palette of impact play tools on his back, how one slave ended up getting a full body adrenaline quiver or having a Domina ask you “Dose it hurt? It looks like it hurts..” whilst smiling at you and many more delights, you will just have to come to a play party.
After the party, I know from personal experience, I have to eat to level off the sub space crash. As I stuffed my face with pizza, I could feel the warm glow of sub space slipping down my face and enveloping my upper body, like a comfy hoodie. After care matters, so do it if you have any specific needs.
Lastly, if you are thinking of going to a party, once you attend one, you will look back and think to yourself “ I should of done this a long time ago”. Don’t die wondering.