Q) How does the ticket purchase display on my bank statement?
A) Below is a direct quote from our ticketing system provider Humanitix, find out more ticketing info at their site 

When you purchase a ticket online on humanitix.com, the charge on your bank/credit card statement normally appears as:

  • “Tickets-[first 16 characters of the event title] MCMAHONS POINT”.

EXAMPLE: You bought a ticket online on Humanitix to the Cygnet Folk Festival 2022 in Cygnet, Tasmania. The charge might show on your statement as: Tickets-Cygnet Folk Festiv MCMAHONS POINT.

Q) How long will the party last?
A) Parties typically last three hours, depending on the party and the number of attendees. While we try our best to be respectful of your schedule, we may run a little over from time to time in the wind-down of the event, so if you need to be somewhere immediately afterwards please prepare accordingly.

Q) What do the tickets mean?
A) There are three ticket options for Domina Parties events: Participant, Voyeur, and Couple.
Participant tickets are for those that would like to participate in the play. They might want to indulge at the Foot Fetish Party or get pegged at the Strap-on & Forced Bi Party.
The Voyeur tickets are for those that would like to find out what it’s all about. You can attend and watch the proceedings, a fly on the wall as it were.
Couples tickets are a combination of one Participant ticket and one Voyeur ticket for a reduced rate! If you’re curious about kink, why not bring a friend, playmate, or lover to support you?
Voyeurs can upgrade their tickets on the day if they desire, just ask your fabulous hosts! 

Q) Which Dominas will be at the party?
A) Typically the Dominas who are listed on the Events page as attending will attend that particular party, however sometimes the complete Domina attendance isn’t finalised until closer to the party date, or there may be a special guest Domina attending that is not announced. If a Domina is unable to attend we do our best to replace Her with an equally fabulous and talented peer.

Q) Are all of the Dommes attending professional Mistresses?
A) Not necessarily. As in our past events, we are often joined by passionate and talented lifestyle Dominas. However we respect their right to privacy and accordingly we do not publish information about them. If you’d like to meet them in person, you’ll have to come along to an event!

Q) How many Dominas and slaves will be there?
A) The number of Dominas and slaves in attendance varies depending on the party, however there is never more than three slaves per Domina at any event as our focus is on creating an enjoyable, intimate environment. For example, a party with four Dominas will never have more than twelve slaves.

Q) I am female / I don’t identify as male / We are a couple. Will I be welcome?
A) You do not have to identify as male to attend any of our parties. Female, gender queer, transitioning and gender non-conforming people are all warmly welcomed at our events. We have special tickets for couples. If you are feeling unsure, send us an email rsvp@dominaparties.com.au and we will answer your questions directly.

Q) What is the dress code?
A) Unless the party has a specific theme, such as Clothed Female naked slaves, you may be expected to strip to at least your underwear as a participant (so make sure you dress to impress with clean, hole-free briefs or trunks!) or you may bring an outfit of your choice. Nudity is common, but not required. Service Submissives and Voyeurs will remain clothed in at least their underwear throughout the events.

Q) Can I wear a mask or hood?
A) Yes of course, if you have one then bring it along. If you don’t have one then please let us know in advance so we can add it to our box of goodies for you. We value discretion and photography or video is not allowed at our parties.

Q) Where will the party be held?
A) This depends on each individual party. Non-specific venue details for each party can usually be found on the Events page. The address is released to ticket holders the day before the event.

Q) When will I be sent the address?
A) Address information is sent to ticket holders the day prior to the event.

Q) What are your Terms & Conditions?
A) All sales are final and tickets may not be transferred or on-sold to another person.
If we make a mistake, such as provide the wrong address details or have to cancel an event, we will refund your ticket and booking fees.
If you are unable to make it to a party that you have RSVP’d for and are able to give us at least 24hrs notice, we will offer you the option to transfer to another party date.
If you no-show to an event or provide same-day notice of non-attendance, you are not entitled to a refund or transfer. 

Q) What happens during a party?
A) That depends completely on which type of party it is. We open with an introduction as the Dominas get to know the attendees, their limits/boundaries, and any medical or physical limitations that may influence any play. The play commences once everyone is informed and warmed up, and towards the end of the time play requests may be indulged.

Q) What sort of play is there with the Dominas at the party?
A) How long is a piece of string? Realistically, if there is some type of play that you like and it is within the attending Dominas’ personal limits and available equipment, then there is a good chance of it happening. Each party is as different as the attendees and their own personal preferences.

Q) Can I bring some of my own toys?
A) Of course you can – and we encourage this! Feel free to bring any personal tools, toys, or equipment that you may like to use at the party – just remember to take them with you at the end of the party.

Q) If I don’t like the activity I’m allocated to do, what can I do?
A) All play is strictly kept within each submissive’s limits and boundaries. If you are allocated an activity that you know you don’t enjoy all you need to do is communicate this to one of the Dominas so that an alternative can be allocated.

Q) I’ve never played in a group setting before, will I enjoy it?
A) Everyone is different – some enjoy the comradeship that evolves among a group of submissives and this often happens at our parties, whereas some people aren’t as comfortable to play in front of others. If you’re unsure, then there probably isn’t a better place to try it out than at a Domina Party.

Q) What about hygiene?
A) The Dominas and service slaves involved in our parties take hygiene very seriously.  All equipment is cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant and where necessary also sterilised before the party. During the party each item is cleaned after each use with hospital grade anti-bacterial wipes, and disposables items are utilised wherever possible. Gloves, condoms, anti-bacterial wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel are always provided and used at our parties.

Q) Is there photography or filming at Domina Parties?
A) No, the parties are not filmed unless there is a specific party where it has been advertised as being filmed.  Photography is not allowed at any of the parties EXCEPT where a Domina has the consent of the person in the photo and ONLY to show that person what they look like i.e. when tied in rope – in this instance the photo is then deleted immediately unless the attendee gives explicit consent that it may be kept.  Attendees are not allowed to take photos.

Q) Can I drink during the party?
A) We endeavour to keep everyone well-hydrated, however alcohol is not consumed during the party. We aim to play responsibly, so if you are unable to play without alcohol then our parties are unfortunately probably not for you.

Q) Can I take drugs at the party?
A) Absolutely not!