I’m always pretty calm before the events but its like the calm before the storm, knowing that you don’t know whats coming up, but you can feel trouble brewing, in a good way.

“Its not bondage unless you want to escape from it, lets explore that” I replied when the Dominas asked what overall experience I would possibly like to have. 3 wicked smiles greeted my reply.

I ended up being the play thing of the attending Dominas, they took turns to push me to my limits, taking delight as they got me to call for mercy. Bound at my head, neck collared, torso restrained, legs strapped and hands tied. A hood and blindfold heightening all my other sense as they had their wicked way with me. I like being blindfolded, I like it to be a painful surprise, listening intently as they schemed and sorted through implements of joyous suffering. I was sinking, rather quickly, into the abyss of sub space.

Once released from my bondage, as soon as I could see again, my sub space journey became surreal. I was experiencing a full blown “dream scape” sub space trip. It was such a deep dive into the abyss that even 4 days after the event I was still mildly affected. I did get follow up communications from the Dominas, checking that I was all right.