Hi Mistresses,

Thank you all for a most pleasurable and painful afternoon. Miss Penelope you assembled a terrific team of Dominas. I found Sindy Skin extremely sensual and cute. Yes, cute. I can vividly picture those playful blue eyes looking up at mine with a dainty husky voice. Cute! Very attractive and sensual. It was obvious at a cfnm party that I immensely enjoyed my time with her. What a seductress.

Full credit to Mistress Anna for her passionate brutality. It far surpassed my pain threshold. I am going to heed your advice Miss Penelope and embark on trampling. I suppose one step at a time, a bit of a pun there.

Miss Penelope, I believe we struck a chord, which ended up around my privates. The glee on your face when discovering my castration request gave me the nervous excitement I possessed in the lead up to yesterday’s event. Your farm background you mentioned really came home to roost (little pun maybe). Those lucky sheep. Together with your enthusiasm, you are expert at your craft. Miss Penelope you provided me with the pleasure and memories that are gotten (if that’s a word) from pain. I will be reluctant to dine on any little oval shaped appetisers you may offer.

It is a shame I didn’t have the pleasure of playing with Mistress Miranda who clearly loves what she does including horsing around. On reflection at the end of the event I wished I asked her what she enjoys to do most with submissives. But instead we talked maths among other subjects. I can’t believe I conversed on maths whilst in the nuddy. It just doesn’t add up.

And I enjoyed the camaraderie with the gents, I applaud them all for their enthusiasm. In fact it seemed when i made my list that my head was too focused on my little soft round things when in fact i love being dressed in panties and stockings.

I look forward to meeting all of you delightful Mistresses again, hopefully at the upcoming ‘Obey’ party and hope these parties become more frequent. Have a wonderful day.

submissive S___