Thank you for an enjoyable, emotionally intense and most all, really fun afternoon at the CFnm afternoon tea in April.

Walking through the door with abounding nervous energy, i was soon put at ease by the gentle respect and mutual affection that was shared by all those present. The dynamic that was created was not what i expected – it was one that was full of laughter, fun and playfulness. While the experience of being naked before beautiful, intelligent, clothed women one would expect to create a dynamic of insecurity, and power imbalance, i felt there was such amazing mutual respect and affection in the room – and that allowed me to be myself – in effect to be truly naked before four beautiful Goddesses.

The genuine appreciation of foot worship, the generous, giving sensual touch shared from the Mistresses, the playful, child like tickling and giggling and the hilarious comedic quips delivered with perfect comedic timing that had me in laughing fits. These were the things that had me completely naked in personality and soul – the absence of clothing became almost secondary.

Thank You for a very special experience.