Sexhibitionists rejoice! Introducing LHD art


It’s official! We are ecstatic to announce that the divine Leah of LHD art will be coming on board officially for Domina Parties events in Sydney.

Some of you very lucky souls have had the pleasure of meeting Leah at our events as the special mystery guest of Miss Penelope Dreadful, now she will be joining us whenever her schedule allows to add another delicious layer to the voyeur/exhibitionist experience of our events. We were lucky enough to have a few quick questions about LHD art so you happy perverts can whet your appetite.

DP How did you get started in your art, and what led to your interest in depicting the kink community?

LHD art I simply started life drawing a few years ago.

I started with an exhibition on burlesque dancers. That exhibition toured Sydney for a year. I had a few more exhibitions since then of kink and performance artists. Meeting these amazing men and women who modelled for me then led me to meet other types of performers such as pole and Shibari. The rope world were very helpful and educational at helping me understand some of the dynamics of the kink community.

Since then I have been invited to do live life drawing in many places from live bands album launches to swingers clubs and domina parties.

DP What is it about kink that you enjoy drawing?

LHD art I love life drawing mostly.

I like drawing real people doing things they love with their bodies. I appreciate the honesty, openness, and intimacy I’ve witnessed in kink interactions. I want people to see how truly liberating it can be for some, not how the mainstream media has portrayed kink.

DP What has been the most surprising experience so far?

LHD art Every time I attend an event, I find out something new!

But even more than the generosity of others in sharing their experiences with me, I am frequently surprised by the positive response to my art from the kink community and the mainstream art collectors. Thanks guys!

I think the most amusing story would have to have been the time where one of my works was given as a prizes for the best impromptu burlesque performance by some wonderful women at “our secret spot”. These women got very competitive and nearly knocked each other over and me holding the framed painting. when one won her excitement and jumping up and down nearly knocked me over. It was humbling how happy she was to have won one of my works.

DP Are there any projects that you are currently working on?

LHD art I’m working on a few erotic colouring in books.

One features breast and chests. My mother passed away from breast cancer early this year and October being breast cancer awareness month, I am drawing one amazing rack a day and making a colouring in book.
20% of all books and prints will go to breast cancer research.

A good friend of mine is suffering from bowel cancer and has requested I also make a bum book for fundraising for bowel cancer research so that is also in the projects.

And then there are a number of works I am getting together for my next exhibition which is yet to be launched.
I always try to make my exhibitions an event spiced with many forms of art such as performance art and musicians as well as my 2D art. I like people to have an experience at an exhibition opening night.

DP Where can people go to see your work?

LHD art I have some works hanging in the space at Studio Kink at the moment.

The best places to follow my work and exhibition announcements are on social media. You can find me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Leah will be joining us for the CFNM Afternoon tea party on 22 October 2016. Get more information here!

You will be able to purchase Leah’s sketches of your play on the day of our events, and she is available for commissions if you have something special in mind.