My wife and I are new to the scene.  We’ve played for a while at home, but are just starting to explore events and parties. We found the Domina Parties website and were impressed, but weren’t sure if it would be the right event for a couple. From the time we wrote to Miss Penelope to enquire, she could not have been more accommodating and helpful. We arrived on the night quite nervous but were made to feel welcome. The ladies really looked after my wife, but treated me terribly (which is pretty much the point).

While the 3 hours seemed to fly by (doesn’t it always when you are having fun), there was plenty of time to get a lot of different play in. After being lined up with the other slaves as we were instructed step by step to became naked, my night included:

  • Being bent over a couch for a solid spanking
  • Being placed in a humbler, on all fours, with my sensitive bits attached by a length of rope to another poor slaves sensitive bits.  While locked in that predicament, I was forced to orally service one Domina’s strap-on until she’d had enough and started running metal fingernails all over my naked body (particularly my now very sensitive genitals)
  • I was stacked up with another slave to be trampled on, then further trampled on myself.
  • I was bent over again for a thorough caning, squirming in increasing discomfort as the Domina explored the effects of a few different canes.
  • I was tied standing up and spread-eagled for a whipping on my already stinging bottom, which extended to my nipples and genitals.
  • I was bent over again, this time to be taught a lesson on the business end of a Domina’s strap-on.
  • I ended up in a 3-way nipple-clamp tug-of-war with 2 other slaves
  • I was bent over a different couch to receive some final (and very heavy) strokes of the cane
  • Before being lined up one last time to put my clothes back on under instruction.

We were also lucky enough to have Leah from LHD art at the party. Leah is an amazing artist. The pieces she created during the party are incredible. She is clearly very talented and the pictures added depth to the memories from the night. If only there was somewhere I could hang something like that, I would have tried to buy one or two.

Miss Penelope expertly maintained the balance between the serious side of the play and the fun, adventurous party atmosphere. I spent 3 hours alternating between giggling at the fun and being terrified of what was coming. I can’t recommend the party highly enough, we will definitely find our way to another one in future.

It was such a joy to have this wonderful couple join us for Obey! We had an absolutely delicious time playing with them and we would love to encourage others to get in touch with us for future events.