I recently attended the Obey party held in mid January. Upon knocking on the door, I was greeted by Mistress Penelope, whose smile can light up the darkest of days. She ushered me into the space and directed me to stand in line with the other “pets” who had arrived before me. 
For this party she was joined by the wonderful Mistress Kalyss Mercury. 
While in line with the others, Mistress Penelope introduced Mistress Mercury and greeted everyone. She had each attendee introduce themselves to the group, covering off what they were looking forward to, any injuries and areas that should be avoided and any hard limits that need to be respected.
All “pets” are then comanded to remove their clothing in a way that amuses the Dominas in attendance. You might be asked to do a sensual strip tease to entertain them or you might be pitted in a race for the fastest undressed. It’s completely up to the whim of the Dominas.
Once undressed activities are selected and allocated out.
Where an Obey party differs, from a CFNM party, is in the way that the type of play is selected. 
At a CFNM party, play is chosen by random selection from a list of the submissives or Dominas favorite activities. This makes for a good option for people who might be starting out in their submissive exploration and what a female led dynamic may have to offer them.
At an Obey party it is Mistress’s choice. Play can take the form of whatever delightfully sublime or wicked activity is currently on Mistress’s mind. She may ask for volunteers or you might be volunteered for an activity. All of which is conducted, of course, within the limits and boundaries as checked in with and articulated by the sub.
As such this type of party is probably better suited to people who are happy to relinquish control and expectation. People who are open to immerse themselves into the unknown journey that a Domina chooses to take them on. Your desired form of play maybe accomodated, if it tickles Mistress’s fancy, or you might equally participate in an activity you might not have thought of before.
The play that took place at the party in January covered a diverse range of activities. Ranging from rope bondage, impact play, using a variety of floggers, whips and paddles, light cock and ball torture, electro stimulation, Needle play, Predicament bondage, Anal play and Strap on fun amoungst others.
Mistress Penelope and her guest Dominas take their time with scenes and rotate between attendees as scenes naturally unfold and fun ensues.
While much of the fun and frivolity taking place is centred around the sensual and sadomasochistic activities, equal attention is taken to ensure that the atmosphere of a party is non-judgmental, inclusive and supportive. 
This results in a very safe, protective environment. An environment, in which even the most emotionally reserved and gaurded person would feel comfortable to discard their protective barriers and feel truly safe to be open, vulnerable and present. This is perhaps the greatest aspect of these events and I truly cherish it as it allows for the ability and permission to deeply, profoundly and fearlessly explore with the full knowledge and trust that you will be expertly looked after.
There is a reason that I keep returning to these parties, they are like succour to a hungry soul and I do feelthat I grow a little more and change with each event I attend.
If you are reading this and are considering attending an upcoming party, I highly recommend that you do. It will be a decision that you will be richly rewarded for.