I was sleeping in subspace after last nights wonderful party. It’s now another experience permanently lodged into my memories.
From the point of entrance you’re greeted politely and introduced to everyone within the private venue. Prior to commencing the party, everyone is grouped to share their interests, and limits. Safety is of highest priority and is taken very seriously. Drinks and foot, I mean food were also provided.
My side of play during the party is private to me and the attendees, however I can vouch that the ladies will dig their claws into you, they sincerely enjoy it from the bottom of their hearts, nothing ever felt fake or forced. I was also introduced to new ideas and given the opportunity to try some of my own. I truly had an amazing time.
I can’t exaggerate enough how caring and respectful both the ladies and fellow attendees were during the party, it’s truly an experience you wouldn’t want to miss if the opportunity arises.