Brace yourselves to be caught completely unprepared for the brand new indulgence that is Slave Manor

Slave Manor is a purely selfish event. I want a party where I am surrounded by glorious, sadistic, fabulous, fanciful women – Queens of Their realms. I want the kind of party that they try to show in movies, except way better because I (a pervert) am running it and I don’t have to negotiate with a studio. I want a table of fancy bitches slaying and a room of slaves striving with every fibre of their being to impress us. I want the kind of party that couples can come to and immediately understand the atmosphere, slip on into the role play and have a absolutely dazzling time at.

Slave Manor: BRat Pack

Imagine instead of a troupe of misogynistic musicians, a collective of formidable Femdoms.
We expect you to leap to attention the second we utter an order.

We are libidinous and sensory – given entirely to wanton self-indulgence; mischievous and Machiavellian – pushing any limits that we find; impeccably appointed with exquisite taste and aristocratic attitude. We play favourites, and you play for us.

You are eager for our notice, favour and indulgence; entranced by our lascivious embrace of life; striving to impress us with how useful you can be – how you can complement our lives and lifestyles.

Imagine being turned into a living candelabra centrepiece – wicks placed upon your body, melted wax poured over to set the candles and then being all lit up; playing fetch with a dog tail buttplug in, as Dominas take turns to spit ice cubes at you; serving drinks at the table with the added challenge of being zapped with a remote as the Dominas laugh; sitting at a table surrounded by other passionate, powerful women and being invited to take part in the pleasure provided by wriggling, obedient submissives that are gagging to please you.

Wait! What’s the difference between Obey! and Slave Manor?

Obey! is our Dominas’ Choice event with the premise of volunteer or be conscripted. It is predominantly activity-centric – the Dominas chose the activities that they’d like to indulge in and you can volunteer, or be conscripted. At Slave Manor the focus of the event is on the experience created for and by the Dominas, it is centred on power exchange and the ways that we demonstrate it.
As an attendee you have a role to play and a purpose to fit…you must make the Dominas happy. In a way it takes a lot of pressure away from you – you do not have to think of what you might or might not like, or of saying the wrong thing, or of what happens next. You just have to watch, wait and do as you are ordered.

Quick Facts

  • This party is suitable for couples.
  • You do not have to identify as male to attend this party. Female, gender queer, transitioning and gender non-conforming people are all warmly welcomed at this event.
  • There are three attendance options: 1) Participant; 2) Service Submissive or Voyeur; 3) Couples. A Couples ticket comprises attendance for one participant and one service submissive or voyeur at a discounted rate.
  • Light refreshments are provided – for the most part gluten & lactose free. If you have particular allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know.
  • Highest safer sex protocol is standard at all of our events.



Couples are welcome, as are voyeurs and service submissives.

If you would like to attend both events (Obey and Slave Manor) there is a discount code available. Email for more information.