As a former heavy fetish player I have struggled finding my feet as I slowly try entering the scene again. I have a few worsening physical issues and I find it incredibly reassuring to attend an event where before any play begins the Mistresses ask about any health issues.
As a service/protocol style fetishist I have always had an extremely difficult time voicing my desires during play but the relaxed and confident atmosphere the Mistresses create helped me request something that I would like to try. Asking Mistress Penelope if I could be wrapped up with some PVC bondage tape that I had brought was nerve wracking, her response was positive as she quickly took charge and began wrapping me as she saw fit. After some fun torture (while I was suitably helpless) I was in submissive bliss.
The end of the event was calm as the clean up was preformed and after thanking the truly wonderful Mistresses, I walked home with my collar around my neck and a big smile on my face. Another fantastic experience at the hands of some of the most incredible Mistresses.
I would definitely recommended these events for anyone looking for a safe and fun fetish event to attend
Thank you Mistress Penelope, Mistress Blake and Mistress Dee ville

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