Prepare yourself for Total Control

Straight from the twisted dreams on the Dominas, here is a fantasy brought to life.
Slave Manor is a high protocol, formal fetish event, perfect for those looking to experience a deeper power dynamic. 
Prepare for a foray into the ultimate, strict femdom environment. Clad in black underwear, you will be issued with your black-tie collar and number.
Your mission for the event is to do exactly as the Dominas say without hesitation or question. 
This is an immersive M/s party. Leave your troubles at the door and accept your fate. 

Event Details: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday 14 December 2019
Address provided by SMS the day prior to the event.

Quick Facts

  • This party is suitable for individuals and couples.
  • You do not have to identify as male to attend this party. Female, gender queer, transitioning and gender non-conforming people are all warmly welcomed at this event.
  • There are three attendance options: 1) Participant; 2) Service Submissive or Voyeur; 3) Couples. A Couples ticket comprises attendance for one participant and one service submissive or voyeur at a discounted rate.
  • Light refreshments are provided – for the most part gluten & lactose free. If you have particular allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know.
  • Highest safer sex protocol is standard at all of our events.