Prior to the party waiting in anticipation knowing that im looking forward to the slick. I felt like a child that was in so much joy. Sitting on the train felt like wayching paint dry, i was just that excited. And getting a text message from Mistress Blake sent a cold shiver down my spine as she had requested me to purchase her a bottle of water. Without hesitation i bolted to the nearest shop i could find and brought the required item. My heart racing as I cannot contain myself as the party was just minutes away. I arrived and was overwhelmed with nervousness.

Waiting patiently in the waiting room for the Dommes to come. Time became such a drag for me i was so inpatient. And finally they appeared and i was in awe. I tilted my head to the left and took in the amazing sight of the four rubber Mistresses. I just melted as i looked on. To see Mistress Blake in latex never fails to disappoint me. Her shiny latex combined with her corset and boots was such a bliss to me. I prayed she would let me shine her…

For me to be dressed up in latex, to pose for LHD art and suffer as per orders from Mistress Blake as i was being sketched. I felt honored for such task I experienced excruciating pain but it didnt matter I continue my pose as both Mistress Blake and LHD arts watched me. I couldn’t have been more happy. I never felt so honored to do such task as this and i would like to thank both Mistress Blake and LHD arts for making this happen.

Upon finishing I felt saddened knowing that due to unfortunate circumstances the party had to be cut short. But to me i still had lots of fun. I left the party feeling very satisfied again with the experience. As i sat on the train with a very sore bottom feeling very appreciated.

Yours truly
The duck

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