It is less than a week until we unleash PANDEMONIUM and we thought it best to let you know what to expect. 
Imagine the coolest kids party – for adults. 
  • We’re going to play TWISTER, with a twist.
  • Unwrapping PASS THE PARCEL has never been this fun. 
  • The OVIPOSITOR is going to make for the best (and drooliest) EGG & SPOON race you’ve experienced.
  • We doubt that you’ve tried RING TOSS quite like this.
  • BOBBING FOR (ping pong) BALLS presents new and interesting challenges.
  • Gird your loins for the most challenging game of STATUES you’ve ever played. 
Will there be balloons?
YES there will be balloons!
Will there be prizes?
YES there will be prizes!
Will there be cupcakes?
YES there will be cupcakes!
Will there be goody bags?
What party is complete without goody bags?! We’re not savages.


It is our resident artist’s birthday this month and we believe in granting birthday wishes.

Check out LHD Art’s work here.


Event Details: 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 23 November 2019
Address provided by SMS the day prior to the event.