What an opportunity. i was looking forward to dress like Women; full on make up, dark lipstick i love dark red or Pink. I am still thinking why in world as Men we are not allowed to wear skirt. I am jealous of Women. They are allowed to wear as they like. Well this is your ONLY your opportunity to think, walk or sit like Women. Your imagination is not Enough. It’s worth your monies. You will get respect from Mistress and guaranteed privacy. I am men who has two young daughters and i call myself Jessica. I wore skirt and Wig, oh God i am loving it I sat like Women. I love to lift my skirt and do cat walk. Mistress train me. Honestly Mistress made you forget your original being. I was totally Women. I just love crossdressing word. i get excited while writing this just do your imagination. See you soon i am looking forward to get draped saree and you know what i want to get tied up and get smack. Just love that imagination. Remember you only live once. do what you like i would add further wear what you like. Just get out and be courageous. I am ready now.

Your Jessica.