I was quite nervous attending my first Domina Party.

I didn’t have a problem being vulnerable and exposed in front of the Dominas – experienced professionals who won’t cause me (nonconsensual) psychological harm, but I was really worried about the other participants, most of whom were complete strangers. I thought I might be uncomfortable, but I wasn’t. We were all exposed and the Mistresses maintained control throughout the event.

I found myself being able to let go quite easily.

I liked that we were all given the opportunity to discuss hard limits and express our own desires for the event too.

Throughout the event, I experienced some intense (for me) genital torture that was hard to bear at times, but I felt I was in a safe environment and I was free to ask them to stop at any time. I got to experience a fantasy of mine at the Obey party – getting spit roasted by Mistress Lillith and Miss Tallulah. It was wonderful and I loved hearing their banter and them tease me as they called me a “double ended fleshlight”.

I also got to watch others get tortured, which was delightful! The cool down period was lovely. I got to sit beside Mistress Lillith like a little kitty and got head pats and scritches while They talked to others. Overall, I enjoyed my time at the Obey party and left feeling richer for the experience I’d had.

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