Before going to the Bound party, I had just attended the Obey party, so I was going into this one a little frightened – the Mistresses had all enjoyed my reactions so much during Obey that I was worried they’d all target me at the second party.

I was glad they didn’t end up targeting me as much with pain during Bound. Again, I liked that they gave us the opportunity to express our desires for the event. I said I’d like to be tied and suspended and leaving with rope marks. I got partially suspended and did leave with some nice rope marks, which I was happy about.

Although, I did also say I’d like to experience other forms of bondage, and that never happened, but I understand there’s limited time and other participants to focus on, so we can’t all get everything we’d like – plus, rope was most important for my desires at that time too, and since I session with Sai Jaiden Lillith, They probably knew this.

I got tied by Mistress Lillith and it was one of the most wonderful times I’ve ever had being in rope. I felt so dreamy, serene, and free. Later, I also got to be a table and footstool, which was interesting to experience, but I did get bored and being in that position meant I couldn’t look around me to see what else was going on, and I also couldn’t participate in anything else either. It was fun later in the night though, when the Mistresses all kept hurting me and I had to maintain my position as a table, so the food wouldn’t spill. I got a lot of praise for being a good table and I was thankful and grateful to hear that feedback, although also a little surprised, because it didn’t really feel like it took that much effort on my part.

Leah was lovely throughout both parties. She checked in on me to see how I was doing, and she drew some great pictures of me too – I just regret that I couldn’t afford to pay her what they were worth. I left the parties feeling as if I was floating. I’m glad to have gone and had those new experiences. When I can afford it, I’d love to attend a Forced Bi Strap-on party next time.