I had a great time at your party and felt very comfortiable. I honestly didnt know what to expect but i thought i should just jump in and see what happens. I absolutely loved the rope work and the strapon was almost perfect( i prefer in bed or over a bench,, i dont think i liked the swing). Here are a few things that i learnt about myself.
I didnt mind the numbers i just think im a one on one person
 I am not sexually into other males.
I like to be fully bound/ immobile
Quite shy about my femanine side and not open about it except with dominant woman.
Either way i came down mostly to meet some new people and hopefully make some friends. Im kinda alone with what i seek in my sexual life so i will be definitely seeing you all again. I would also like to engage in other activities or socialise with like minded people so i will keep an eye out for any other events.
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