Slave Manor events are high protocol roleplay events – like How To Host A Murder, but kinkier and much more fun.

This month’s party is Coven. Close your eyes and picture The Craft…now make it BDSM…you’re getting closer.

Inspired by the cumming of Spring, a wild and hedonistic celebration of Beltane is on the cards. You could expect some MayPole action in the form of inventive CBT; decorative bondage as we wrap you up like gifts; plenty of candles and wax play oh my; maybe even a fertility ritual or two.

Prepare to be sacrificed at the altar of the Goddesses in the name of pleasure – but will it be yours or theirs?  

Not sure if you’ll enjoy it? Join us as a voyeur and upgrade on the day if you so feel.
Worried about inexperience? We’ve got plenty, let us guide you in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Event Details: 2pm to 5pm, Saturday 17 September 2022
Address provided by SMS the evening prior to the event.

Party Facts

  • Individuals, couples, and small groups are encouraged to join us (join us!).
  • All gender expressions are warmly welcomed at all of our events, from cis people to gender-anarchists, babes that are transitioning, and gender non-conformists. All are welcome.
  • There are four attendance options: 1) Participant; 2) Service Submissive; 3) Voyeur; and 4) Couples. A Couples ticket comprises attendance for one participant and one voyeur at a discounted rate.
  • Light refreshments are provided – individually sealed and mostly gluten & lactose free. If you have particular allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can accommodate you.
  • We care about safety. Highest safer sex protocol is standard at all of our events, including the use of gloves and condoms.