Slave Manor events are high protocol roleplay events – like How To Host A Murder, but kinkier and much more fun.

Welcome to Animal Farm, where you will find your place in OUR animal kinkdom.

Are you a naughty puppy, waiting to be trained into a sheepdog? A prancing pony, just asking to be broken and shown off? A recalcitrant sheep that we’ll have to hold down and shear? Maybe you’ll become a treasured pet… but most probably we’ll send you off to the knackery to be reduced into your component parts…

We love transforming people into pets, but there’s only so much equipment to go around, so please bring your own pet gear if possible, or let us know in advance if you will need assistance with your transformation!

There’s oh so much to see and do on the farm! Invasive veterinary checkups, forced milking, show parades, degrading and humiliating training, oh my! Whether you’re an old dog looking for new tricks or an eager pup who needs a firm hand, Animal Farm has something for everyone! (But mostly for us.)

Not sure if you’ll enjoy it? Join us as a voyeur and upgrade on the day if you so feel.
Worried about inexperience? We’ve got plenty, let us guide you in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Party Facts

  • Individuals, couples, and small groups are encouraged to join us (join us!).
  • All gender expressions are warmly welcomed at all of our events, from cis people to gender-anarchists, babes that are transitioning, and gender non-conformists. All are welcome.
  • There are four attendance options: 1) Participant; 2) Service Submissive; 3) Voyeur; and 4) Couples. A Couples ticket comprises attendance for one participant and one voyeur at a discounted rate.
  • Light refreshments are provided – individually sealed and mostly gluten & lactose free. If you have particular allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can accommodate you.
  • We care about safety. Highest safer sex protocol is standard at all of our events, including the use of gloves and condoms.