Sissy Salon

Prepare for Total Dollification

Welcome to Sissy Salon, our one-stop Transformation Station!

We will primp you, paint you, and preen you until you’re the perfect doll for us to play with…and there’s all sorts of naughtiness that we get up to with our dolls…

  • Damsels in Distress, oh my!
  • Sexy Secretaries, oh dear!
  • Lusty Lolitas, oh gosh!
  • Prim and Proper Pin-ups, oh golly!
  • Brazen Burlesque dancers, oh goodness!

And, of course, perhaps just a touch of hypno mind-fuck Bimbofication!

If you like the feeling of slinky silky panties, or the soft rustle of stockings rubbing against each other on your thighs, or the inescapable tight embrace of a corset constricting your body you should pop on down to the Salon and explore some more.

Please note that while we provide a selection of make-up, lingerie, and outerwear, we don’t supply shoes. You are most welcome to bring along your own accessories or your favourite hair and heels.