Miss Penelope Dreadful

Miss Penelope Dreadful is a delightful deviant who can resist everything except the temptation to incorporate wordplay, literary references and linguistic devices into Her biographies…well most things…okay so She doesn’t so much resist temptation as welcome it with open arms and a convivial beverage while introducing it to some other interesting excuses for bad habits.

With experience that belies Her age (or is it the other way around?) Miss Penelope has toured Australian cities thoroughly and parts of the world comprising the UK, the US, New Zealand and Japan. She believes that there is always a way to mix pleasure and business. With over 10 years of professional perversion under Her belt, this is a well-tested hypothesis.

One inspiration for Her wanderlust – aside from the oft-claimed things to see and people to do – is the joy that She finds when networking with Makers, Markers and assorted Professional Perverts. This has fueled Her desire to coordinate the Australian arm of Domina Parties as not just a way for people to experience kink in a different way but also to create a community for Australia’s incredible independent and in-house Mistresses.

When not gallivanting around the globe racking up frequent flyer miles, Miss Penelope Dreadful is based in Sydney, NSW.
She is the coordinator of the Sydney Dommes & subs Fetlife group (munch on the second Monday monthly, The Drum peer impact play event on the second Sunday monthly). She loves the smell of leather; the taste of gin; shoes that beggar belief; and accessories for organising like cable stables and stackable storage.

An Interview with the Mistress

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