Testimonial: Slave Manor 23 March 2019 2

Upon reading what Domina Parties had planned for the upcoming Slave manor, I was both intrigued and excited. I wondered in what ways the event would differ, from previous parties that I had attended. From the description of the event, it sounded to be very different...

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Testimonial: Slave Manor 23 March 2019

I excitedly counted down the days leading up like a child before Christmas. The afternoon was fun and relaxed. I felt glad to reaquaint with the gorgeous Mistress Penelope and Mistress Blake and was a pleasure meeting Mistress Tallula and Eternal Angel and of course...

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Testimonial: 17 Feb Strap-on & Forced Bi

Thank you for this amazing experience and fun filled party. I also want to thank you for continuing with the event even though the numbers were low because it was actually in our favour as we all had a one on one with each Mistress. Although a high number would have...

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Domina Parties presents Slave Manor: BRatPack

Brace yourselves to be caught completely unprepared for the brand new indulgence that is Slave Manor Slave Manor is a purely selfish event. I want a party where I am surrounded by glorious, sadistic, fabulous, fanciful women - Queens of Their realms. I want the kind...

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It’s a Domination Invasion!

Australia is truly the lucky country. Along with the plethora of incredible home-grown Dominas we are being treated to the most delicious incursion we could have hoped for. Treat yourself to a session, or join Them at one of our parties! Mistress Kalyss MercuryJanuary...

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Gold Coast Saturday 8 December 2018

It's our first Gold Coast event, and to celebrate we're going to put things in you, on you and up you from every possible direction.CFNM Tea Party 2pm-5pm ~ Book your ticketsJoin Our divine Dominas for a fun-filled afternoon of playful perversions at an intimate,...

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Testimonial: Adoration 11 November 2018

I was sleeping in subspace after last nights wonderful party. It's now another experience permanently lodged into my memories. From the point of entrance you're greeted politely and introduced to everyone within the private venue. Prior to commencing the party,...

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Testimonial: Slick 11 November 2018

I wanted to express my thanks to the tremendously vibrant Mistresses that held this event. While I am not a newbie this was my first experience at a multi Mistress event, and the fist fetish play I have experienced in some time. My nerves were acting up and I was...

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Testimonial: CFNM Tea Party 28 October 2018

My first CFnm event was awesome although I was a bit apprehensive just prior to attending but after being briefed on how the event would unfold and became involved in the event I relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed myself.All of the Mistresses were firm but friendly with a...

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